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Pinellas County Animal Services News

Greeting from Pinellas County Animal Services.  As we begin the last couple of months of hurricane season, I would like to remind everyone to remain diligent and prepared in the event Pinellas County is affected by a storm. 

Thank you to the Veterinarians and Clinics who have chosen to assist us by participating in the FY21 Community Pet Assistance Program funded by donations to our Animal Welfare Trust Fund.  PCAS will begin issuing vouchers along with a list of participating providers on October 1st.

Microchipping our pets is the single most effective tool Animal Services uses to return lost pets home followed closely by an up to date county license.  Each of you are instrumental to the success of microchipping and licensing the pets of Pinellas County.  For 2019 PCAS had a return to owner rate of 40% for dogs and 3.5% for cats.  Both rates are higher than the national average, however, the Pinellas County Community can do better!  Many times, we have stray animals with microchips that were never registered or have not been updated when owners move.  One obstacle to microchip registration and updating is the required membership fees.  How many clinics would be interested in providing your pet owners a way to register, use, and update microchips free of charge no matter what company they were purchased from??  PCAS is partnering with Michelson Found Animals Registry to enable free microchip registration and updates to get more pets back home.  PCAS will be able to provide your clinic with registration information cards for your clients to use and register their new microchips free of charge.  If you would like to participate and distribute the free registration cards email your request to bedemsey@pinellascounty.org

Doug Brightwell, MBA, CAWA
Bureau Director
Pinellas County Animal Services
12450 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774
Phone 727-582-2607