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CPA Recommendation

“For many years now I have been blessed to have an accountant who understands the specifics of operating a veterinary practice and business. He is Steve Macy of Stephen A. Macy, CPA, PA. He has provided unflagging service with regards financial reports, regulatory reportings, and filling any tax or business forms needed for tax reporting.

He has been a resource for me as a practice owner to reduce one area of stress for us as veterinary business owners. Steve’s service frees us to spend more time as doctors. I would love for some of my fellow veterinarians to benefit from his help.

An overview of Steve Macy’s services include: Accounting, Quickbooks Online, Tax, payroll and back office solutions plus consultations.”

Gregory Todd DVM

Stephen A. Macy, CPA, PA

13770 58th St. N

Clearwater FL 33760

(727) 544-8875


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