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St Petersburg College – College of Veterinary Nursing

SPC’s Veterinary Technology Pinning Ceremony

As we approach Spring Break (March 7 – 14), we are marking the ½ way point in our Spring Semester. This semester SPC returned at a reduced student capacity of about 30% on campus.  We are hopeful that in the Fall we will see a reopening of campuses courses at 100% We continue to follow CDC recommendations of masking and social distancing.  It is heartening to engage with our campus students who are so resilient in adapting to attending and engaging in campus classes with these restrictions. 

I would like to take a moment to applaud our campus faculty in providing an outstanding educational experience, while being masked.  I am sure everyone can empathize with the difficulty associated with this. Whether campus or online faculty – or support staff working on campus or from home – these professionals continue to be dedicated to the delivery of a quality educational experience while being considerate of student concerns brought about by the challenges of the pandemic

As always, we appreciate and value the support from PCVMA not only of our program but supporting our students as they work to complete their educational journal in these exigent times. Ending with a heartfelt Thank You!


Cynthia Grey, DM
Associate Dean
College of Veterinary Nursing
St. Petersburg College |

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