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Pinellas County Animal Services (PCAS) started off 2018 like so many others; evaluating our current situation and setting goals for the New Year.

The PCAS staff continues to work on the five year positive trends of lowering animal intake and increasing live release rates.

Our focus is also on improving customer service with you, our veterinary resellers, as well as the citizens in the community.

There is one important Public Health goal that each of you can assist PCAS with.  That goal is increasing and maintaining rabies vaccination in cats and dogs.  As you know in 2017 statewide there were two people, one dog, along with numerous cats, bats and raccoons that tested positive for the rabies virus.  PCAS needs the assistance of every veterinary professional in Pinellas County to educate their clients on the importance of the rabies vaccine.  Most resistance to vaccination and insistence that it is not necessary comes from the owners of indoor pets.  They insist rabies vaccination is not necessary because rabies is no longer a threat and their pets do not go outside.  As we all know rabies is no longer prevalent due to diligent vaccine programs.  The last rabies outbreak in Pinellas County was in the late 90s and PCAS would like to remain vigilant and avoid future outbreaks. This goal may only be achieved through a countywide collaboration to educate and vaccinate

Doug Brightwell

Bureau Director  – Pinellas County Animal Services
12450 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774

Phone 727-582-2600


 Any practices in Pinellas County that have a confirmed case of canine influenza, please notify Animal Services!

Linda L. Boger
Administrative Secretary
(727) 582-2657
(727) 582-2559 – Fax