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Animal Services News

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Pinellas County Animal Services News

Well November is upon us and despite a difficult year dealing with the COVID crisis, there is still good news to share.  October 1st started the new fiscal year for Pinellas County and brings a new opportunity for the Veterinary Clinics that are license resellers.  In addition to the 5% seller rebate you get for each license sold, any reseller who chooses to use our online portal to enter licenses will receive an additional 2% rebate on each license sold and entered.  If you are interested in this new opportunity, contact our Finance Department at 727-582-2624.

The other good news the fiscal year brings is for the animals that visit Pinellas County Animal Services.  A Capital Improvement Project for PCAS has been approved.  This two-year project will renovate our 4 animal housing buildings.  This renovation will include strengthening the buildings for hurricanes, meeting new fire codes, installing new kennels, and finally, air conditioning the animal housing areas.  This renovation project will modernize our kennel buildings and give us another 25 years of useful life here at the Ulmerton Road campus.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration to improve animal welfare in Pinellas County.

Doug Brightwell, MBA, CAWA
Bureau Director
Pinellas County Animal Services
12450 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774
Phone 727-582-2607