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Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association
Established in 1965

The PINELLAS COUNTY VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Inc. is an organization of veterinarians with the purpose of promoting education, the exchange of knowledge and fellowship among the veterinarians of Pinellas County through regular programs of continuing education and by communicating current events and public issues to our members.

We are dedicated to educating the public in the humane and responsible care of both pets and un-owned animals through direct action and by supporting programs that promote public awareness. Including among those programs is the Pinellas Animal Foundation’s Pet Professor program, which educates children in responsible pet ownership.

We provide a forum for the discussion and development of positions on issues of importance to the profession, pet owners and to the public.

The Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association also serves as the collective and authorized voice for its members and for the profession in Pinellas County.

Latest Pinellas County Veterinary News

PCVMA Important News

Dr. Joel Murphy receiving the FVMA GOLD Star Award from Dr. Don Howell, FVMA District 4 Representative, and Dr. Julie Mosher, PCVMA President. And Dr. Murphy and his new Yeti Cooler he won in the FVMA PAC Fund raffle held

Latest PCVMA Newsletter

Latest Newsletter:  PCVMA Newsletter 1/1/2024 Volume 35, No.1 PCVMA Newdletter 2/1/2024 Volume 35, No. 2 PCVMA Newsletter 3/1/2024 Volume 35, No. 3 PCVMA Newsletter 4/1/2024 Volume 35, No. 4 PCVMA Newsletter 5/1/2024 Volume 35, No. 5 PCVMA Newsletter 6/1/2024 Volume

PAF News

PAF News PAF Pet Professors Nikki Riggs and Jennelle Miller with “Bravo” talking to the Summer Campers at the Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Petersburg.              Donald H. Morgan, DVM President Pinellas Animal Foundation, Inc 10825 Seminole Blvd  A-3

Humane Society of Pinellas

The Humane Society of Pinellas (HSP) is dedicated to reducing the rate of euthanasia in Pinellas County. Neonatal kittens are a particularly vulnerable population with more than 2,000 euthanized in Pinellas last year due to lack of resources. HSP is

Animal Services News

Pinellas County Animal Services News Pet Surrender Prevention Strategies With shelters and rescues at or exceeding capacity nationwide, it’s more important now than ever to shift resources toward the prevention of owner surrenders.  Here are a few strategies we have

SPCA Tampa Bay

SPCA Tampa Bay News

SPCA Tampa Bay This year has brought some unique challenges to our sheltering community. Not only here in Pinellas County, or even the Tampa Bay region, but all across the nation, shelters are seeing higher numbers of owner surrendered animals


SPC SCHOOL OF VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY St Petersburg College is on our summer session which is busy for both faculty and student as the semester is only 10 weeks long      Trish Gorham, Annette Poirier, Ariel Gilpin and Dr Megan Branham

Relief Certified Veterinary Technicians

A LIST OF CERTIFIED VETERINARY TECHNICIANS AVAILABLE FOR RELIEF WORK If the status of your classified ad has changed or you wish to include an ad in the PCVMA newsletter, please contact Dr. Don Morgan at Donmorgansr@aol.com or 727-397-7387 (PAF/PCVMA Office) or

Specialty Assistance and Referral

Specialty Assistance and Referral If the status of your classified ad has changed or you wish to include an ad in the PCVMA newsletter, please contact Dr. Don Morgan at Donmorgansr@aol.com or 727-397-7387 (PAF/PCVMA Office) or 727-410-7856 (Cell) for the

Hospitals Seeking Relief Veterinarian

Hospitals Seeking Relief Help

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