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Jeff Nelson, brother of Elisa Nelson, in spite of the fact that our 2020 6th Annual Spring Fling 5k was “postponed,” we still received significant support from our sponsors and considering the state of the world today, we decided to distribute what money we did receive to our adopted charities on Friday afternoon at the Black Beauty statue in the courtyard of Elisa Nelson Elementary School.  For those of you who are unaware of the significance of this statue, the name “Elisa’s Greatest Wishes” was taken from an essay Elisa wrote when she was 10 years old while attending this very school.  Elisa loved to read and her favorite book was Black Beauty

Dr. Hillary Maedel and Dr. Don Morgan representing the PAF received a $2,500.00 check from the Sponsors of the  “Annual Spring Fling 5K”  held each year at Wall Springs Park in Palm Harbor.