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Meetings for 2018: 

President-Elect Dr. Chrissy Mamone did a great job lining up meetings for this coming year; unfortunately for the PCVMA, she will be leaving Pinellas in January for a new job opportunity.

January 15, 2018, Dr. Brian Scott, Dermatology, sponsored by Ceva

February 19, 2018,  Meeting sponsored by Zoetis

March 15, 2018, Legally Mine,  We will have to make a change here, they were just her November 2016

April 2018,  Please attend the FVMA Annual Conference in Tampa, April 5-8th

May 21, 2018,  Meeting sponsored by Idexx

June 18, 2018, Dr. Robertson, Sponsors, Pet Angel and Lap of Love

July 21, 2018,  PCVMA Baseball Game, Hill’s and Idexx

August 20, 2018, Dr. Ashley Oakes, Dentistry, Sponsored by Freedom Bank

September 8, 2018, PAF Bowser and Catsino Ball, Belleair Country Club

October 8, 2018, Political Forum, PCVMA/Freedom Bank, Marriott(?)

November 19, 2018, Freedom bank meeting

December 2018, No Meeting, Happy Holidays


Elections for 2018 will be held at the January 15th meeting by the general membership, nominations from the floor will be accepted.

The BOD recommends the following veterinarians for election to the general membership.

President  – Dr. Howell to continue in 2018 for two years (Midway Animal Hospital)

President-Elect – Dr. Hillary Maedel (Northeast Animal Hospital)

Secretary – Dr. Samantha McHenry  for a two year term (Midway Animal hospital)

Treasurer – Dr. Ernie Godfrey to continue for another two year term (Pinellas Animal Hospital)

Board Member – Dr. Janell Dowling to replace Dr. Samantha McHenry on the BOD for a two year term (Bayshore Animal Hospital).

Board members Drs. Donovan (Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital), Scribano (Northeast Animal Hospital) and Rumore (Lake Seminole Animal Hospital)  will continue on the BOD for one more year of their two year terms.

PCVMA News Letter Editor – Dr. Don Morgan


FVMA Legislative Days:  Drs. Howell and Donovan currently are available and will be going to Tallahassee to represent the PCVMA January 16-18th.

Drs. Klemawesch, Godfrey and Morgan will also be going but representing the FVMA as well as the PCVMA.


Meeting adjourned: 7:57 PM


Janell Dowling, DVM                                         Don Howell, DVM

PCVMA –  Secretary                                           PCVMA – President