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SPCA Tampa Bay

Year End Numbers

As we end the year, we have served over 7000 animals in the shelter including over 2100 native wildlife, despite all the changes COVID-19 has wrought.  In addition, we have adopted out 3000 animals.

Year End Wrap-Up

It’s good to see 2020 in the rear view…  Like everyone else, we headed into the new year feeling empathy for our colleagues in Australia, with the staff raising a modest donation to send.  Next – as the saying goes – and then…COVID.  We like so many around the county and Country went through the questions of closing, staying open, curb-side services, all appointments at the shelter.  In the end, we stayed open at the shelter and vet clinic and despite changes in procedures, have continued to be a resource for the community.  Like everyone, we’ve had some scares but we’ve also watched our team become more cohesive than ever.  We look forward to the happy things this new year brings.  Happy New Year to you and yours!

 Tara Yurkshat, COO
SPCA Tampa Bay