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SPCA Tampa Bay

COVID-19 Impact

Despite the Governor announcing Florida’s move to Phase 3 reopening, both of our campuses will continue much of what we’ve had in place for the past several months.  Our veterinary center is still practicing curb-side service.  Both adoptions and intake at the shelter are still by appointment.  Both of these will remain in place for the immediate future and we’ll continue to re-evaluate how to provide top-notch service while keeping every one – animals and people – as safe as possible.

Shelters Helping Shelters – Take Two

After partnering with LA/SPCA in advance of Laura, we were back at it couple short weeks later.  When Sally hit Pensacola, one of the local shelters was left without power or water – and lots of animals.  LA/SPCA stepped in and plucked 31 felines and 20 canines and met us in Tallahassee for a transfer.  Between those and the animals from Louisiana, we’ve had lots of happy adoptions and still waiting on homes for more.

Tara Yurkshat, COO
SPCA Tampa Bay